If there’s any chance, they should be able to take it.

Via Daily Caller:

A U.S. doctor flew into the U.K. Monday alongside other medical experts to examine Charlie Gard and determine Gard’s chances of improvement with treatment.

Dr. Michio Hirano, co-director of the North American Mitochondrial Disease Consortium and Chief of the Neuromuscular Division at Columbia University, said that 11-month-old Gard has at least an 11 percent chance to improve if given nucleoside bypass treatment. Hirano presented his expert opinion to the U.K. High Court July 13. Justice Francis, presiding over Gard’s new trial, subsequently invited Hirano to the U.K. to examine Gard as part of an international team of medical experts.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, a U.S. pastor who flew to the U.K. to pray over Gard and support Gard’s parents in their fight for Charlie’s life, said Hirano’s findings will likely determine Gard’s fate.

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