She went on TV and told people she lost the baby – turns out it was all a hoax to begin with.


The woman who threw a gender-reveal party for her unborn baby where nine people were shot was never pregnant, police in Colerain, Ohio said.

Cheyanne Willis organized a gathering of her friends and family at her home July 8 to reveal the gender of her baby, which she later said would be a boy. Late in the evening, police said that at least two suspects entered the home and opened fire at party guests who were watching TV in the living room.

One person was killed in the shooting — Willis’ cousin Autum Garrett — and eight others were injured.

Willis said after the incident that she was no longer pregnant because of an injury she suffered in the shooting. She told WCPO News outside of the home the next morning, using crutches, that she lost her baby after being shot in the leg.

But Colerain police are now saying that Willis lied and made up her pregnancy. They said in a statement that they haven’t identified or arrested any suspects in the case yet, and Willis has continuously provided false information to them.

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