Popcorn. Bring in Rhodes and sweat him! And definitely need to get to whoever is leaking Trump’s phone calls, because that’s pretty disconcerting.

Via Free Beacon:

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.) said Saturday on MSNBC that the House Intelligence Committee has brought in “big names” during its investigation into damaging White House leaks, but he would not say whether the House Oversight Committee will call on former top Obama administration official Ben Rhodes to testify.

DeSantis told the Washington Free Beacon last week that Rhodes needed to be investigated for being a source of leaks that are damaging the Trump administration and the country’s national security. Rhodes advised President Barack Obama on national security and boasted in a New York Times profile in 2016 of creating an “echo chamber” of journalists to help sell the Iran nuclear deal.

DeSantis named Ben Rhodes—the former National Security Council official responsible for creating an in-house “echo chamber” meant to mislead reporters and the public about the landmark nuclear deal with Iran—as a primary source of these leaks and urged the House Intelligence Committee to call Rhodes and other former Obama officials to testify publicly about any role they may be playing in spreading classified information to reporters.

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