Via Express:

WOMEN in the West have become an “endangered species” as they continue to abandon “motherhood, wifehood, chastity and femininity”, depraved jihadis have blasted

Bloodthirsty Islamic State (ISIS) extremists accused women of adopting a “vile path” where they bare no resemblance to the mother of Jesus, Mary.

The depraved terror cult said women in the UK faced dangers and deviances, which would “threaten her own soul” because of the Western way of life.

In the 15th issue of its propaganda magazine, jihadists wrote: “There is no resemblance in the Western woman to what is found in Mary, just as there is no resemblance in the Western man to what is found in Jesus the Messiah of humility, religiosity, and chastity.

“And as the fitrah continues to be desecrated day by day in the West and more and more women abandon motherhood, wifehood, chastity, femininity, and heterosexuality, the true woman in the West has become an endangered creature.”

“Western way of life a female adopts brings with it so many dangers and deviances, threatening her very own soul.”

Fitrah is a word ISIS terrorists use meaning rituals critical entering the ritual state preceding the pilgrimage.

In a list of rituals aimed at women, ISIS extremists said a women must not “imitate man” and “does not rule man”.