Obama of the north.

Via Daily Mail:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid a visit to the Calgary Stampede on Saturday after initially indicating he would skip the event.

The Stampede is an annual 10-day rodeo and festival that draws over a million visitors to Alberta’s largest city.

It features a parade, stage shows, concerts, agricultural competitions, chuckwagon racing, and exhibitions put on by indigenous First Nations tribes.

The Stampede has grown into one of Canada’s most anticipated events on the calendar.

Trudeau said that during his visit, he was subjected to some ‘gentle ribbing’ from locals who reminded him that he forgot to mention the province of Alberta during his Canada Day speech on July 1, the CBC reported.[…]

The prime minister also met with a Syrian refugee couple who was allowed to resettle in Canada by way of Lebanon last year.

The couple, Afraa Hajj Hammoud and Mohammed Belal, were so grateful to be in their new country that they named their baby Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal.

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