Dogs and water cannons are needed.

Via The College Fix:

Students at the heavily nonwhite University of California-Merced took to the streets Thursday to protest the police response to a “chaotic” scene at a club last weekend that ended with a “seriously injured” officer.

The march from campus to the police station, which blocked traffic along the way, disgusted an alum who told The College Fix in a Facebook message he “identifies as a progressive democrat but feels poorly represented by the actions of current students/admin.”

“Scores of young people” participated in the march, angered by a viral video that showed just the end of the altercation, the Merced Sun-Star reports:

Protesters chanted several slogans, including: “No justice, no peace. No racist police” and “We won’t stop until the charges get dropped.”

As of Thursday, no formal charges have been filed against anyone in the case. …

No arrests were made in connection with the protest, police confirmed.

“It started off a little rough,” [Capt. Bimley] West said of the protest. “What these kids are doing, they have every right to do and we appreciate that. It’s good for them, it’s good for us — really, it’s good for everybody.”[…]

Officers entered the hookah lounge early Sunday morning looking for a suspect on a warrant, the paper reported Sunday. While their weapons were drawn, they weren’t pointing them at anyone, according to the security guard who recorded the incident.

As they approached the suspect, the officer who was severely injured was “blind-sided, punched in the face,” Capt. Chris Goodwin told the Sun-Star: “Several people punched officers and our guys became surrounded by the crowd.” The suspect got away.

One officer is captured on video firing a “sage weapon” – which launches a rubber baton – “into the side of a man who appears to be involved in a confrontation with another officer,” the paper says.

Protesters said all five people arrested that night were college students “at various schools.” The club was largely filled with black students.

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