The perp had a plea agreement for a four to eight-year sentence. The Judge sentenced him to time served, eight and a half months with three years’ probation.


Kershaw County Sheriff James Matthews referred to the criminal justice system in his county as “catch and release” after a man who has been arrested numerous times walked out of court after his most recent sentencing.

Last month, Tyreek Lorenzo Bush-Robinson was in circuit court for sentencing on all pending Kershaw County Charges. He faced a maximum of 50 years in prison. Instead of sentencing Bush-Robinson to the four to eight-year sentence agreed upon by attorneys as part of a negotiated plea, Matthews said Judge Alison Lee sentenced him to time served, which was eight and 1/2 months and three years probation. Matthews said Bush-Robinson walked out of court.

One month before the hearing, a co-defendant of Bush-Robinson was sentenced by a different judge to eight years on similar charges.

A deputy in the courtroom at the time said a statement to the court prior to the sentencing by Bush-Robinson’s attorney caused Lee to shed tears.

“No regard whatsoever was given to the numerous victims in all of these crimes,” said Matthews. “If anyone deserved to be in tears, it would be the victims, not the judge. Judge Lee’s actions are disgraceful and a slap in the face to the law abiding citizens of Kershaw County who have been and will surely be victimized again by Bush-Robinson. Of course she has the discretion to impose whatever sentence she deems appropriate, but she certainly did nothing to make our community any safer by the sentence she handed down. Not only are the people of Kershaw County disgusted by our criminal justice system, people everywhere have had it. This is not an isolated incident. On a regular basis, repeat offenders get a slap on the wrist and are released back into our communities by bleeding heart judges.”

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