Where they are taught Islam is a religion of peace and to love Jews… on second thought, maybe not.

TEL AVIV — In recent days, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian jihadist factions opened their traditional summer camps in which Palestinian youth are indoctrinated with anti-Israel propaganda while some camps conduct weapons training and teach jihadist combat tactics.

According to figures from Hamas alone, some 120,000 children attend the terrorist group’s camps. Tens of thousands more children attend camps run by other Palestinian jihadist factions.

In addition, thousands of children participate in summer camps run by the Palestinian refugee welfare agency UNWRA, where the focus is more on educational activities than those of a religious or military nature. UNRWA’s summer camps bear the name “Summer Games,” in contrast to the names of camps run by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, national resistance committees and other organizations that mostly use the names of Palestinian activists who died as “martyrs” – in other words, terrorists killed while committing attacks against Israel.

As part of the competition between the organizations for the recruitment of children into their camps, the weapons training and military exercises serve as the best promotional tool. Live shooting lessons are considered a favorite in these summer camps that will end later in July with ceremonies attended by Hamas officials and representatives of the various organizations that give certificates of recognition. The officials typically give speeches in which they praise the children for their participation in the camps and encourage them to join the different organizations.