Check out the video at the linked site for some fun memes. The Reddit guys all identify with the guy CNN tried to blackmail, so they were not at all happy.

Via Daily Caller:

This has grown into a major point of contention within the Reddit community, and currently the top comments attached to CNN’s article — numbering more than 21,000 at the time of publication — are trashing the embattled news outlet.

One of the top comments, written by user “Riff_Randell“, encapsulated the sentiments of many in the reddit community.

“If CNN is so adamantly against Trump’s fear mongering tactics, why would they do the same and deliberately scare the shit out of this dude and his stupid wrestling meme? I mean, does anyone really think this meme was meant to incite violence against the media? It’s wrestling. A fake sport. Seriously, this is beyond nuts.”

Another Redditor “Arntor1184” elaborated further, “This is totally CNN trying to flex it’s muscle on some lowlife Reddit troll in some weird attempt to discourage future trolls and it disgusts me to no end. This is the kind of shitt that should be sounding off alarm bells in the public’s head. Where does a multi billion dollar media conglomerate get off funding a witch hunt on a private citizen for being mean to them.”

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