…The United States of America is not the best country in the world. I say that without emotion like I can tell you that the Brooklyn Nets are not the best team in the NBA. Saying as much doesn’t mean I hate the Nets or hate Brooklyn or hate the NBA. The Brooklyn Nets may actually be the worst team in the NBA. They should’ve received the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft, but they traded it away years ago for old veterans. They’ll lose next year’s pick, too. The men they have on the team are great guys. I’ve come to know several of them. I’ve also come to know many employees there — great people — all of them. But the team is still in rough shape.

To call the Brooklyn Nets the best team in the NBA tells me a lot about the person making the claim. First off, they clearly don’t understand the metrics of greatness. Greatness can be measured in the NBA. The Nets didn’t win the championship. The Nets didn’t even make the playoffs. The Nets don’t have any all-stars. The Nets aren’t seen as a remotely decent destination for top free agents. The Nets don’t have any league leaders in a single quantifiable category. […]

The United States of America is the Brooklyn Nets. We are not the best country in the world. This is not my opinion. These are the facts. What makes a country great is measurable. And in every demonstrable category, our country is coming up very, very short. If it is your opinion is that the United States is the greatest nation in the world, your definition of greatness is likely skewed by blind patriotism, greed or white supremacy. Either way, you are wrong, and claiming that the United States is the best nation on earth, when we are far from it, is a peculiar lie to hold on to — a contradiction that exposes the hypocrisy of Trump’s most devoted supporters perhaps more than any other claim. Is it not weird to claim that Obama took the country to hell in a handbasket while also claiming it’s the best country in the world? You can’t claim both and mean it. Choose one.