Doing the jobs Mexicans won’t do.

Via Daily Caller:

Three Playboy models are still stuck in Mexico after wrongfully being detained by Mexican authorities who believed the three girls were “working” without a visa at a party for Playboy Music Fest on June 30.

Although the three Playboy bunnies have been released from their holding cell, they were forced to remain in Mexico over Independence Day weekend where they are still waiting to meet with immigration officials to get their passports back, according to Fox News.

A State Department spokesperson confirmed to The Daily Caller they are aware of the situation, but could not comment on the matter.

“We are aware of those reports. Due to privacy considerations, we have no comment. The Department of State takes its obligation to assist U.S. citizens abroad seriously,” the spokesperson said.[…]

We came to Mexico to celebrate each other’s company and to gain publicity with our fans by coming to these parties in Meridá and Cancun,” Elaine explained. “Around midnight, immigration came and busted into our party when all of us girls were sitting at our VIP tables enjoying champagne and music. They then rounded us up into a large room and weeded us all out by checking everyone’s IDs.”

“We do not get paid for these events so we were wrongfully taken because they abused their authority and thought they could shake down Playboy Mexico by taking us,” Elaine continued.

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