Wait, what?

Via Daily Caller:

Gay rapper Cazell’s “Loose Wrists” video is apparently his idea of how to criticize President Donald Trump while being “as gay as possible.”

The single off the rapper’s Snow Cone label went viral after its release and features Cazwell and his backup dancers sporting Easter egg-colored lace shorts. The video includes Cazwell peeing in a urinal, masses of flowing candy, leopard bath robes, and numerous male strippers.

Cazwell said his inspiration for the tune stemmed from his frustration with the Trump administration’s stance on LGBTQ rights. “I’m a big boss, big balls, on a phone call” whose going to “hit the White House, rearrange some things,” Cazwell raps.

“We have a president that wants to take us off of the census and a Vice President that believes shock therapy will cure gayness,” Cazwell said in a press release sent to HuffPost after the video’s release. Both of these statements are false — Pence never advocated for conversion therapy and Trump will not take ‘Cazwell’s people’ off official records because gay men are not listed on the census.