In combination with more immigration enforcement, having success against gangs. That of course is the greatest benefit to neighborhoods that they torment.

Via NY Post:

In an early success of the Trump administration campaign to “devastate” MS-13 and similar gangs, the feds last week arrested close to 40 accused MS-13 gangbangers in the city and Long Island.

Back on April 14, we noted: “Stomping out gangs like MS-13 ought to be a priority for the entire Justice Department.” We’re happy President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions soon vowed to make it so.

The AG personally visited Long Island last month, and the resources Team Trump has devoted to the campaign should continue to show results.

The Treasury Department has labeled MS-13 a “transnational criminal organization” engaged in drug trafficking, kidnapping, human smuggling, murder and sex trafficking in the United States and elsewhere. And the administration has also pledged to take the fight all the way to its “source,” El Salvador.

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