As always, I blame the Jooos.

Via The Independent:

An increasing number of women in Iran are getting on their bicycles to protest against a fatwa banning them from cycling in public.

Hardline Iranian leaders believe women on bikes are a threat to morality and are strictly forbidden as a means of public transport.

Women must also be completely veiled, even in the height of summer, when playing sport or driving.

But a counter-movement, propelled by social media, has emerged over the last year. In a country of record-high air pollution and traffic congestion, more and more women are cycling.

Following a popular measure called “car-free Tuesdays” that started in the city of Arak two years ago, women spotted an opportunity to cycle in the name of the environment.

But the movement was cut short when a group of women cyclists were arrested in Marivan in Western Iran. They were released the same day after they signed documents, pledging not to cycle again despite no law against it.

There were then a flurry of press declaring women could cycle as long as they pertained to religious customs and the dress code.