Another game of guess the political party.


The former mayor of Eatonville convicted of tampering with the city’s 2015 elections was sentenced to four years of probation on Friday.

Anthony Grant was also sentenced to 25 days, but it included time served.

He made a last-minute plea for mercy.

“This has been one of the most difficult times of my life, this experience and being incarcerated,” said Grant. “I apologize to my family and friends for any embarrassment I’ve caused.”

He told the judge a trip to prison would leave his family without a provider.

He said he’s spent his life trying to do right by the people who relied on him.

“I pray to this court to have leniency on my sentence,” said grant.

His co-defendant, Mia Nowells, cried in court as she was confronted with the reality that she too was about to become a convicted felon.

Though the judge had harsh words, he put both of them on probation after time served.

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