All fun and games until they get caught. Update to this previous story.

Via Campus Reform:

A Socialist student group has disbanded itself after the University of Georgia began investigating its statement that House Republicans should be “guillotined” for voting to replace Obamacare.

As originally reported by Campus Reform, the UGA “Young Democratic Socialists” (YDS) club recently posted a tweet responding to news that a professor had suggested that House Republicans should be “lined up and shot” for their health care reform votes, deeming the idea “outrageous” and provocatively declaring that GOP lawmakers should instead “be guillotined.”

The university has now responded to the incident, announcing via Twitter Wednesday that both campus police and the Office of Student Conduct would be reviewing the group’s conduct.

“The University of Georgia Police Department is investigating this matter,” the tweet stated, adding that “the issue has also been referred to the Office of Student Conduct, which regulates student organizations.”

YDS founder David Littman told The Red and Black that the tweet was intended as a joke, saying that while he would not have chosen the particular wording himself, it was “clearly and obviously facetious” and therefore it is “absurd to take the joke literally.”

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