Out: Telling ghost stories around the campfire. In: Campers tell harrowing tales about how white privilege is ruining their lives.

Via Campus Reform:

Northern Illinois University will be hosting a “social justice summer camp” for educators June 11-14.

According to the event description, the three-day camp will aim to “bring together teams of educators to investigate multicultural and social justice education. Campers will have significant opportunities to discuss social justice issues, both general and specific to their schools, with experts and colleagues, as well as time for individual reflection.”

The camp will also focus on presenting a “candid and nonjudgmental exploration of multiculturalism, privilege, identity, oppression and more.”

Campers will lodge at some of the residence halls on campus. Early registration for the camp was $529 per attendee, and after April 24th the fee went up to $559. Groups can attend at a discounted rate.

The camp will focus on addressing “the historic development of multicultural and social justice education and key ideas; the nature of privilege across identities and how privilege impacts policy and practice in schools, and the ways in which school policies foster inequity and how to reform such policies.”

Keynote speakers include Dr. J.Q. Adams, a professor at Western Illinois University, and Dr. Stacey Horn, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.