Sanctuary Sally is long overdue for a visit from the Texas Attorney General and the Texas Rangers.

Via Breitbart:

A Texas sheriff is actively promoting visas to the illegal immigrant community. The sheriff is preparing pamphlets advising certain illegal immigrants how they might qualify for special visas.

Travis County Sheriff “Sanctuary Sally” Hernandez came up with the idea of instructing crime victims who happen to be in the country illegally on how they can apply for a “U visa,” Fox 7 in Austin reported. Merely filing out the application for the visa, intended to help true crime victims, is enough to at least temporarily block immigration officials from deporting an applicant.

Her work continues to propagate the myth that Texas’ new sanctuary city law (previously known as Senate Bill 4) is a threat to crime victims.

During the final days of the debate, several Texas law enforcement officials joined together penning an op-ed published in April by the Dallas Morning News. The police chiefs stated:

“Officers would start inquiring about the immigration status of every person they come in contact with, or worse, inquire about the immigration status of people based on their appearance. This will lead to distrust of police and less cooperation from members of the community. And it will foster the belief that people cannot seek assistance from police for fear of being subjected to an immigration status investigation.”
Their statement ignores the fact that SB 4 specifically prohibits officers from inquiring about the immigration status of a crime victim or a witness to a crime, unless the information is pertinent to the crime as in the case of human smuggling or sex trafficking crimes.

“I think that just with the political climate in general across the U.S. that we have victims not reporting crime and that’s a concern for us. I mean, we care about all of the victims regardless of immigration status. We want to make sure that we have an avenue to ensure them they’re safe to come and speak with us,” Captain Craig Smith of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office told Fox 7 News.

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