They don’t want everyone to be equal.

Via Free Beacon:

Political commentator and Black Lives Matter supporter Lisa Durden appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday where she defended a BLM Memorial Day celebration that excluded admittance of white people.

A Facebook post created by one of the hosts of the event titled “The People’s Turn Up” stated, “When we say ‘The People’ we mean Black People. Being intentional around[sic] being around Black People is an act of resistance. *This is an exclusively Black Space. So if you do not identify as Black and want to come because you love Black People, please respect the space and do not come.”

Host Tucker Carlson mentioned to Durden that he thought one of the main purposes of BLM was to “speak out against singling people out on the basis of their race and punishing them for that, because you can’t control what your race is.”

“What I say to that is: Boo hoo hoo. You white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card to get invited to the Black Lives Matter all-black Memorial Day Celebration. Wow,” Durden responded.

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