The website “What Will They Learn?” gives UC-Davis the grade of “F” because they have almost no course requirements.

Via Campus Reform:

Students are demanding that the University of California-Davis create an “Environmental Justice” degree program because existing environmental studies courses are not focused on “social justice.”

A student group calling itself “Environmental Justice for Underrepresented Communities” has created an open letter and accompanying petition arguing that the “strong lack of intersectionality” in the school’s current agricultural and environmental science programs “is a major factor contributing to the continuation of systematic environmental injustices.”

The “impacts” of such injustices, the letter contends, “are reaped most heavily by marginalized and oppressed groups making this an issue of social justice and a violation of human rights.”

Complaining that administrators have “ignored” its lobbying in the past, the group presents a list of demands designed to ensure that the new field of study places environmental studies firmly within the context of social justice.

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