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ICE was forced to release nearly 600 illegal aliens convicted of sex crimes in the fiscal year 2015, first reported by the Washington Examiner on Friday.

A total of 564 illegal alien sex criminals were released for various reasons, including the refusal of their home countries to take them back.

The revelation comes from documents obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Immigration Reform Law Institute. While the individual criminals and their crimes are not detailed in the report, it does sort the illegal aliens’ crimes into general categories.

The report states that 194 of the criminal illegal aliens were convicted of “sexual assault,” 95 were convicted of a “commercialized sexual offense,” and 275 were convicted of “other sexual offenses.”

Over 150 of the criminal illegal aliens were released because their home countries would not take them back. Twelve of the illegal alien sex criminals were released due to “prosecutorial discretion,” and a further 218 were given bond by an immigration judge.

“Releasing convicted criminal aliens back onto the streets because their government refuses to allow them to return home is simply inexcusable,” Dave Ray, communications director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, told LifeZette.

“The Department of State has the authority to suspend issuance of visas to countries that refuse to take back their own nationals, and that authority should have been exercised by the Obama administration. Instead, they released hundreds of sex offenders back into our communities,” said Ray.

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