Many don’t get how absolutely inappropriate it was for Comey to make the decision on whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Yes, Loretta Lynch was compromised, but it should have gone to someone else in DOJ or a special prosecutor if the whole of the DOJ was considered tainted.

Via Townhall:

A day after addressing the Senate, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein met with the members of the House of Representatives Friday to brief them on the firing of FBI Director James Comey. In his remarks, Rosenstein shared that he was dismayed by Comey’s press conference from last July in which he “usurped” the Department of Justice and revealed findings from the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. He was just as frustrated when Comey again circumvented the DOJ by sending a letter to Congress 11 days before the 2016 election revealing that he was reopening the investigation.

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