Crazy. Secretary of State Tillerson should summon the Turkish ambassador and expel the people involved.

Via Free Beacon:

District of Columbia police chief Peter Newsham said Wednesday that diplomatic immunity may limit what the city can do to hold Turkish officials accountable for their role in a Tuesday attack on protesters outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence.

“There could be a diplomatic immunity issue,” he said at a midday press conference.

The attack came during Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s trip to the United States. Video captured by Voice of America shows protesters and Erdogan supporters gathering outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence ahead of Erdogan’s stop there.

The first altercation caught on video involved an Erdogan supporter in a yellow shirt shoving a woman to the ground during a verbal confrontation. The man in the yellow shirt then fought with a protester in a blue shirt. The fight spread through the crowd before D.C. police were able to break it up. The Erdogan supporter in the yellow shirt could later be seen with blood flowing down his face.

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