See already some examples they’re are encouraging. Man who gets physical with Congressman Kevin Kramer above and woman who allegedly tried to run Congressman David Kustoff and aides off the road. And if Trump had them investigated for encouraging this, they would accuse him of trying to ‘suppress free speech’ and protest. This is a case that cries RiCO if ever there was one.

Via Washington Examiner:

Democratic party officials and other leaders of the anti-Trump “Resistance” are putting Republican House and Senate members on notice that they will step up their disruptive protest tactics this summer.

“The demonstration season isn’t even in full swing yet,” said Gene Stilp, a Pennsylvania Democratic Party coordinator.

In an interview with Sinclair TV’s Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson, he added, “This spring and the summer you’re going see people really get active. These guys are going to be afraid to even cross the state line to come back into Pennsylvania.”

Andrea Walker, described as an anti-Trump activist, said, “There’s an incredible amount of things that we could do including pick up marches, you get an email and it says for you just to go and you know, ‘Tomorrow show up here!'”

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