Only white people drink soda in Seattle?

Via Red Alert Politics:

In an effort to woo the extreme-left, Seattle’s Mayor Ed Murray is planning a soda tax to fight white privilege.

The original soda tax plan was a two-cents-an-ounce tax on soda sweetened with sugar which would be used to pay for education costs especially in minority communities. But, critics pointed out that mostly minorities and low-income households would have to pay for it, because white people drink diet drinks, reported The Seattle Times.

Under the scrutiny of minority activists and small business owners, the embattled mayor insisted that it was more regressive for minorities living in Seattle to be stuck in failing schools. Looking for a compromise, he found a way to make more white people pay the sugar tax and contribute to minority-majority schools.

Murray expanded the tax to include diet soda, energy and sports drinks including Red Bull and Gatorade, fruit drinks, sweetened ice teas, and bottled coffees sold at Starbucks.

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