The bias is the snowflake not knowing the difference between a glue gun and a Glock.

Via Law Officer:

Colgate University has released a statement in response to an incident Monday evening where a student was walking around a building on campus with a black glue gun, which another student mistook for a gun and reported it to campus authorities, causing the university to go on lockdown for nearly four hours.

School officials are now looking into the possibility that racial bias played a role in the initial report and response, and the director of Campus Safety has been placed on administrative leave.

Brian Casey, president of Colgate University, says that he has requested a thorough, deeper review of all matters related to Monday evening’s incident.

Casey said that just before 8 p.m. Monday, a Colgate student reported to Colgate Campus Safety that they had seen a black male entering the Coop – or the O’Conner Campus Center – with a gun. A few minutes later Campus Safety issued an announcement saying there was an emergency situation, and after that, they sent out another indicating there was an active shooter on campus, which Casey called a “profound error.”

WKTV reports that Campus Safety contacted local law enforcement and the school was placed on lockdown, which was not lifted until nearly four hours later when it was determined the reported person in the Coop was a Colgate student who had a glue gun that was being used for an art project.

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