Actions have consequences. Update to this previous story.


The anti-fracking activist from Boulder County who suggested blowing up wells and “eliminating” energy workers is now asking for protection.

Andrew O’Connor confirmed to Next anchor Kyle Clark that he asked for his anti-fracking ballot measure hearing to be done by phone, because he fears for his own safety.

Clark called O’Connor to ask about the hearing, following Next’s report on his comments made in a Boulder Daily Camera editorial, in which he said wells should be blown up, and fracking workers should be “eliminated.” The Secretary of State’s Office already wanted to security present at the hearing, following O’Connor’s own comments.

O’Connor told 9NEWS reporter Brandon Rittiman that he was not advocating for violence, just for blowing up wells.

Yet, Andrew O’Connor ratcheted up the rhetoric again on Wednesday, telling the website that he wouldn’t have a problem with snipers shooting workers at a fracking site.

When Clark asked further about that comment on Wednesday, O’Connor hung up the phone.