Dodgeball builds character.

Via Daily Caller:

The dark forces of political correctness and the general wussification of America have failed to outlaw the rite of passage that is dodgeball as a school-sponsored activity in Louisiana.

A group of about two dozen teachers and education desk jockeys calling itself the Louisiana Physical Education Standards Committee had tried to add a wholesale, statewide prohibition on dodgeball to a set of revamped physical education standards, reports The Advocate, a Baton Rouge newspaper.

However, Louisiana’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education rejected the ban.

Supporters of the dodgeball ban expressed shock at the decision.

“Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to be an issue,” Louisiana Physical Education Standards Committee member Kathy Hill told The Advocate.

Hill, a kinesiology professor at Louisiana State University, suggested that the plan to ban dodgeball was designed as a largely symbolic attempt to reduce bullying.

“In trying to be really sensitive about bullying, which is just a huge issue now in the schools,” she told the Baton Rouge newspaper. “We just felt like we needed to put a statement in there about human target games.”

The state education board rejected the dodgeball ban because they feared a public backlash and because they viewed the ban as draconian and dumb.

“Dodgeball is an activity that we know many of our students enjoy,” board vice president Holly Boffy told The Advocate. “We want to be careful that we don’t create regulations that would stand in the way of students getting fit and enjoying P.E.”

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