What a lovely fellow…

Via Daily Caller:

The black supremacist who murdered four white men in Fresno, Calif. this week laughed during his police interview about the slayings, Fresno’s police chief says.

“When he spoke about the shootings, he did so in a very callous manner,” Chief Jerry Dyer said in a press conference Wednesday of Kori Ali Muhammad, the 39-year-old killer. “In fact, multiple times he laughed as he described what transpired.”

Muhammad killed three white men in downtown Fresno on Tuesday. His first victim that day was Zackary Randalls. Muhammad shot the 34-year-old while he was sitting in his work truck. Muhammad then shot Mark Gassett just after the 37-year-old had picked up groceries at Catholic Charities. He then gunned down 58-year-old David Jackson in the Catholic Charities parking lot.

Two days earlier, Muhammad killed Carl Williams, a 25-year-old Motel 6 security guard, also white.

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