The correct answer is the white construction worker and white Catholic priest don’t get taken to the bomb shelter.


A controversial high school assignment is getting some attention from parents, who are calling it inappropriate and say it promotes racism.

One parent posted the assignment on Facebook, writing that it came from his son’s history class at Olympic High School.

The assignment is called the “Bomb Shelter Activity.” The scenario is that the President of the United States issues a warning of a nuclear attack, and the student’s family has access to a bomb shelter. The student can pick four strangers to go into the bomb shelter for safety.

The assignment has the student decide between different ethnic groups.

According to the Facebook post, the choices are a “35 year old White male construction worker who is a racist,” a “40 year old Black female doctor who is a lesbian,” a “50 year old White male who is a Catholic Priest,” a “25 year old Hispanic male who is a lawyer and is wheelchair bound,” a “30 year old Korean-American female who is a former college athlete,” and a “20 year old White female who is pregnant, has a two year old son and is on welfare.”

“If you care about people it shouldn’t matter,” parent Mia Hatten said.

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