Wow huh?

Via Free Beacon:

Tech giant Google donated $285,000 to President Trump’s inauguration despite the fact that Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Google’s parent company Alphabet, worked directly with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, FEC filings reveal.

Google, which enjoyed direct access to President Barack Obama’s administration and attended more than 400 White House meetings along with its affiliates, was forced to pivot following Donald Trump’s November victory.

Last year, the Washington Free Beacon reported that John Pedestal, the Clinton campaign’s former chairman, linked Schmidt up with Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, and Cheryl Mills, a longtime Clinton aide, in April 2014. The discussion was contained within hacked emails from Podesta’s account posted to WikiLeaks.

The Free Beacon later reported on a memo that showed Schmidt was working directly with the Clinton campaign.

The document from the Clinton campaign also spoke of “discreet conversations” of forming “working relationships” with Facebook and Apple. The conversations began in October 2014, at least six months prior to Clinton announcing her candidacy for president.

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