Democrats had gerrymandered the district, poured in millions to get this guy the seat, even had Obama help and brought in Hollywood ‘power’ and they still failed.

Via Free Beacon:

Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff fell short of the 50 percent threshold needed in Tuesday’s special election to avoid the runoff election that will now be held two months from now.

Ossoff, as expected, was the top vote-getter by a wide margin in the special election to fill Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, but he pulled in shy of the 50 percent mark that would have won him the seat outright.

When the results were projected by CNN and others early Wednesday morning with 95 percent of the votes counted, Ossoff was at 48.6 percent.

Coming in behind Ossoff in the eighteen candidate race was Republican Karen Handel, Georgia’s former secretary of state who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2010. Handel pulled away from the crowded Republican field, receiving about 20 percent of the vote, and will now face Ossoff one-on-one in June.

Missing from Tuesday’s vote tally is a vote from Ossoff, who was running to represent Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District despite the fact that he is not currently one of its residents.

Handel said before the results of the election were known that she was proud that there was a “competitive campaign” between Republican candidates, and criticized Ossoff as the beneficiary of a “coronation.”

“There was no coronation, which is what occurred on the Democratic side,” Handel said. “Everyone brought great ideas and new perspectives to the table and I appreciated that.”

After the election results became clear, Handel called for Republicans to come together for June’s election. With nearly all the votes counted, the New York Times’ Nate Cohn noted that Republican candidates collectively received more than 50 percent of the vote.

“Tomorrow, we start the campaign anew,” she said. “Beating Ossoff and holding this seat is something that rises above any one person.”

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