Anyone else feeling Déjà vu?

Via Daily Caller:

Police arrested two teenage girls Friday for vandalizing a Texas high school with profanities and racial slurs.

A Crimestoppers tip led police to nab Alexandria Butler and Elizabeth Police, two teens who attend Lone Star High, reports Fox 4 News. Authorities charged Butler and Police with felony criminal mischief for vandalizing Plano West Senior High School, another local school.

Police, Butler and another unidentified female tagged Plano West with racial slurs like “n-word,” vulgar drawings and profanity in February.

“There’s a lot of random graffiti,” said Plano Police Department spokesman David Tilley at the time. “Some of it can be considered racial slurs, some that is profanity, some images that are very vulgar.”

The three girls were caught on security footage committing the crime, which police released in March in hopes of finding them. Tilley said the graffiti could be considered a hate crime because of the racial slurs.

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