Coptic Pope Tawadros had been at the church St. Mark’s Church in Alexandria. Initial reports are he’s safe. The suicide bomber there hit at the front door. The video shows the moment of explosion of the bomb at first church hit, St. George’s in Tanta. It was allegedly in the front of the church under the seat of the bishop, so killed snd injured some of the deacons you see in the video.

Via Egyptian Streets:

A bomb exploded Sunday at St. George’s church in Egypt’s Al Gharbeyya governorate, killing and injuring dozens. The attack came hours before another in Alexandria that struck St Mark’s Cathedral.

The explosion in Tanta left 25 dead and 71 injured, according to the Health Ministry in Gharbiya. According to preliminary reports in state media, a bomb had been placed inside the church underneath a seat.

In response to the attack, an emergency room has been set up by Egypt’s security departments. Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi also issued an order for military hospitals to treat all those injured.

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The church in Alexandria was spared more casualties because a police officer who was security at the church hugged the suicide bomber to try to minimize the blast.



Reports now that Pope Tawadros who had been at St. Mark’s in Alexandria as part of the mass there, may have left before the blast to go to Tanta after hearing of the earlier blast there.

These are pictures of him allegedly after the attack in Tanta, while praying at St. Mark’s in Alexandria. He is now at a secret location, some thinking the Alexandria attack was meant to get him.

Four of those who died in Alexandria were in the security detail.