Colin Kaepernick needs a job.

Via Mediaite:

ESPN has issued a new set of guidelines for its on-air talent, and all other employees for speaking out on political matters.

According to the document, the rules are different for those who work on news and those who work in commentary. Those who contribute to hard news reporting “should refrain in any public-facing forum from taking positions on political or social issues, candidates, or office holders.” Those who contribute commentary have a bit more leeway, but, per the new guidelines, the commentary should relate to sports in some way. And employees “should refarin from overt partisanship.”

In a post from ESPN’s public editor Jim Brady, Craig Bengtson — the network’s vice president and managing editor of newsgathering and reporting — said the current political climate was a factor in the issuance of these new guidelines.

“We have the convergence of a politically charged environment and all these new technologies coming together at once,” he said. “Based on that, we wanted the policy to reflect the reality of the world today. There are people talking about politics in ways we have not seen before, and we’re not immune from that.”

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