Moonbat heads start exploding.

Via The Hill:

Vice President Pence on Saturday referenced reports that he doesn’t eat alone with women other than his wife following intense interest in the topic online this week.

“Speaking of my wife Karen, she’s really sorry she couldn’t be with us today, she already had dinner plans,” Pence joked during a speech in Columbus, Ohio.

The joke was in reference to a Washington Post profile of Karen Pence this week that described her as a constant presence at the vice president’s side and a “gut check” on his major decisions.

The story sparked a flood of conversation online, particularly over Mike Pence’s 2002 comment to The Hill that he does not dine privately with other women or attend events with alcohol unless his wife is there.

Trump on Friday also addressed the topic, quipping during a signing ceremony for a pair of executive orders on trade: “I tell you one thing, he has one hell of a good marriage going.”

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