The Black Bernie Sanders.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Maxine Waters doesn’t expect to pose for a photo with President Donald Trump anytime soon.

In fact, the California congresswoman plans to boycott any meeting, event, ceremony or public event with the president, at the White House or even in her home district of Los Angeles.

“I don’t see myself meeting with him, sitting down with him, believing anything he would say or even respecting anything he would say,” Waters said sternly to The Associated Press. “It would not be honest on my part to go to any ceremonies with him or to pretend I am having a decent conversation with him.”

And if Trump personally invited her to the White House for a conversation? “I wouldn’t go,” she said emphatically.

Waters has served in Congress for a quarter-century. Now she’s turned into the passionate voice of resistance against the Trump administration. The 78-year-old Democrat lays politeness aside when she talks about the new president. When told that this is not normal political dialogue, she shrugs.

“My spirit tells me I cannot be silent. I must address this so-called president, no matter where it takes me,” she said.[…]

Waters’ district includes portions of Los Angeles and surrounding cities, and she gained attention in Washington for bringing supplies to south central Los Angeles after the Rodney King riots and for passionately opposing the war in Iraq. A former Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman, Waters pushed to end the Cuban trade embargo and called for investigations into allegations that government intelligence agencies were behind the crack epidemic in Los Angeles. Waters was also critical when Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was deposed; he blamed his push from power on the United States.

Waters first entered politics as an aide to Los Angeles City Councilman Dave Cunningham and she’s been comfortably re-elected in her district even after the House Ethics Committee charged her with helping a bank connected to her husband. She was ultimately cleared.

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