Listen carefully to what she is saying.

This is Dr. Evelyn Farkas, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia. Although her biography is not clear, Vox reports she left her position in 2015. Vox says that Farkas has been trying to pitch the Russia collusion story to media “since she left her job” which makes it even more likely that she is a source for the media leaks.

She appears to be admitting:
-Obama administration people were spying on Trump people.
-that the Obama people were consciously trying to hide that fact so “Trump people wouldn’t know about our sources and methods.” This shows again that they were consciously targeting the Trump people.
-that she was urging the Obama people to get information to people on “The Hill” which raises the question, who were these Democrats? Is this more leaking of classified info? That also means people on the Hill may have been aware of the spying.
-that she was urging the Obama admin to preserve the information (which is improper, as US Citizens aren’t supposed to being surveilled without a warrant).

Since she had already left the administration, she didn’t have the right to see any of that information, much less leak it to the NY Times or any other media. If someone fed it to her, they too would be doing that against the law.

So here’s the problem.

Had the Obama administration actually found any evidence of collusion during incidental collection, the proper process would have been to refer it to the FBI, to allow the FBI to get a warrant and conduct an investigation.

But in testimony before Congress, James Comey denied that any FISA warrants had been obtained as to Trump Tower.

In any event, leaking it to Congress members and the media is illegal and improper.

Farkas needs to be grilled by Gowdy, let’s finally get to what they were doing.

Former Obama DNI James Clapper, former acting CIA Director Mike Morell have both said there was no evidence they were aware of any collusion. In the words of Morell, not even a spark.

HT: Jackson Pearson