Update to this story. As we noted before, this is mostly posturing. He apparently felt he didn’t get enough attention off the story already, so he issued this order. If he thinks that’s going to get him the presidency, he’s sadly mistaken.

Via NY Post:

Mayor Bill de Blasio is defying the Trump administration by ordering the NYPD to keep the feds off school grounds unless they have a “valid judicial warrant” — and to make sure the warrant is legit before opening the doors, The Post has learned.

The mayor’s directive was revealed in a top-level memo distributed to police brass Tuesday, just one day after US Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to withhold federal funds — and “claw back” cash that’s already been handed over — from cities and states that harbor illegal aliens.

The NYPD “Administrative Bulletin,” which went out at 10:30 a.m., says the Mayor’s Office and Department of Education have “established guidelines for public school principals to follow” if “non-local law enforcement officers” — such as the FBI or Immigration and Customs Enforcement — show up at their schools.

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