The truth will set you free.

Via Daily Star:

The Brit, who asked not to be named, visited Kim’s kingdom with the Korean Friendship Association (KFA), a pro-Pyongyang group for foreigners.

It was a trip designed to showcase the country’s achievements, but that went out the window when their bus took a wrong turn into the real North Korea.

The visitor described what he saw on a forum for ex-communists at, saying he “wised up and saw the truth, not some idiotic blinkered vision of socialism”.

“This included our bus getting lost, taking a wrong, turn and driving past a river filled with young kids chained together doing construction work,” he wrote.

It’s yet more proof that North Korea is forcing children to undertake unpaid labour, as it was accused of doing this year by Human Rights Watch.

The ex-communist also rubbished the state’s ideology of self-reliance, called Juche, saying Kim’s regime is dependent on China’s help.

“There is no socialism in North Korea, it is simply a decaying kleptocracy propped up by the Chinese,” he continued.[…]

The man declined to be interviewed for fear of reprisals – but filmmaker Raphael Wilking, who was on the same trip, described similar scenes of depravity.

He told Daily Star Online: “The bus sped on purpose at more than 100kmh, even through city centres, but extreme poverty was not to be missed during stops.

“We saw very poor people in the countryside. They were very skinny and dressed with old rags. As soon as they saw us approaching they ran away.

“Children and soldiers were also skinny. Some looked at us as if we came from Mars. It sometimes felt like a remote African country.

“We once saw from the bus a large group of people in old, dirty clothes working in the mud surrounded by guards.”

“They looked like prisoners but again, we were speeding too fast to have a detailed view,” he added.

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