Mr. Ziegler is from Switzerland which just slammed the door on migrants last September.

Via Breitbart:

Calling for harsh sanctions on European Union (EU) nations refusing to welcome migrants, UN Human Rights Council Advisor Jean Ziegler said Germany’s open borders response to the crisis set a ‘great example’.

Ziegler, who sits on the UN Human Rights Council’s Advisory Committee, argued that EU countries with restrictive policies on migrants are “violently trampling on refugees’ human rights”, Der Tagesspiegel reports.

He called on the European Commission to suspend payments to countries trying to minimise the migrant influx, highlighting Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, and Slovakia as “delinquents”.

“If the EU were to suspend the solidarity payments to the Eastern European countries for 14 days the barbed wire fences, the prisons, and the terrible camps would be gone,” he told the German newspaper.

The UN advisor pointed to Chancellor Merkel as the leader he believes to have done and said the right things in response to a tidal wave of migrants heading for Europe.

“Germany has been exemplary on refugee issues”, he said, referring to the nation’s acceptance of and massive public spending on well over a million asylum seekers — two-thirds of whom are estimated to be illiterate.

“The hospitality, even in conservative Bavaria. The support in the cities and villages, which is still ongoing. That too is great,” Ziegler added.

In his interview with Tagesspiegel, published Sunday, the former UN commissioner also lashed out at President Donald J. Trump, describing his having become president of the U.S. as “a permanent nightmare”.

However, Ziegler said Trump’s presidency has highlighted what he sees as positive aspects of American society.

He praised “the totally spontaneous mobilisation of ‘the resistance’, and the women’s movement,” speaking of supposed grassroots movements which are reported to have close links to globalist billionaire George Soros.

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