Wow, crazy.

Suspension of Parliament, at moment shots go off.

Initial reports are at least one attacker ran over people with a car on the Westminster Bridge which you can see in the video above is right near the Parliament. At least 8 were reported down after that. Then the vehicle continued hitting fence at Parliament square injuring more people. After that, the attacker got out of his car and stabbed at least one policeman outside Parliament before being shot by the police.

How many injured is not yet clear.

Here’s Sky livestream:

The reporter on the ground says at least 8 people down on the bridge.

Described as “Asian” guy in his 40s.


Here’s a picture from the bridge.

Crashing into gates at Parliament.


Sky News has announced two people dead, others “catastrophically injured.”

Police checking a suspicious package in a vehicle.


Up to three officers now being reported injured, that some may have been injured in struggle when vehicle crashed outside the fence of Parliament, then another stabbed inside the grounds.

Picture believed to be of attacker:

Knife used in attack:

Scenario of attack:

More pics here at Daily Mail.

Woman reportedly pulled alive from the Thames, after going off the bridge, according to Sky News.

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