Via Daily MaiL

The Senate Judiciary Committee will begin the grueling public vetting process of Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch, tomorrow.

In a bid to place hurdles in the way of Gorsuch’s confirmation by the Republican-controlled Senate, Democrats on committee have said they will probe him on several fronts based mainly on his record as a federal appeals court judge and a Justice Department appointee under former President George W. Bush.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz said Sunday on the Face the Nation that Democrats can try to block Gorsuch, but they will not be able to tank his appointment.

‘They don’t have any good arguments again the Gorsuch, but they’re furious that we’re going to have a conservative nominated and confirmed,’ he said. ‘I’ll tell you this. Judge Gorsuch will be confirmed. He will either get 60 votes and be confirmed or otherwise whatever procedural steps are necessary.’

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