Protesters were out against the Ferguson Market tonight angry at the store for supposedly “hiding the video” that was released today.

The video released today purported to show an exchange of pot between Mike Brown and clerks in the Market for which he appeared to receive cigarillos.

The point the video tried to make was that he therefore was entitled to the cigarillos and was not stealing them when he came back to get them later that day.

That prompted protests because people were angry at the market and the police that this video had not previously been produced.

However, as the above video shows, none of the officials apparently thought it showed anything relevant to the case as it later evolved.

According to the lawyer in the video above, this video released by the filmmaker of the documentary was not an accurate and total reflection of what occurred.

The lawyer says that there was no exchange, that the clerks gave him back the pot and that that would be shown in a the full video they plan to release tomorrow.

For that, the lawyer got threatened with being beaten by one of the protesters. The lawyer went back into the store for his own safety.


More police called.