Heartless witch.

Via Washington Post:

This week’s episode of “Full Frontal” with Samantha Bee approached its critique of last month’s Conservative Political Action Conference as thoughf it were an anthropology project, with an observational narration of the changing nature of the conservative gathering. One of Bee’s observations — “This year, the bow ties were gone and replaced by Nazi hair” — meant to signal the presence of white nationalists at the conference.

The segment then showed several young men sporting versions of the “fashy,” a partially shaved hairstyle that’s cut short on the sides and long on top. Except that one of the people featured in that segment had a very different reason for his haircut: He recently learned that he has brain cancer.

Megan Coddington identified one of the “Nazi hair” wearers as her brother Kyle on Twitter, and she posted an image of the moment in the clip where he is singled out.

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