He was charged during the administration of the former President.

Via The Daily Mail:

An elderly U.S. Army veteran will go on trial next month for hanging two American flags at a Veterans Affairs facility.

Robert Rosebrock, 74, faces a criminal charge for displaying an American flag without permission outside the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Affairs facility.

He also faces a charge for taking unauthorized photos of VA officers.

If convicted, Rosebrock could serve up to six months in prison, Fox News reported.

Rosebrock, who has pleaded not guilty, placed the flags on a fence during a protest last May of Veterans Affairs’s treatment of homeless veterans.

A 1973 VA edict states that individuals may only place materials on VA property with permission.[…]

The charges were filed under the Obama Administration and Rosebrock’s legal counsel hopes the Trump administration, and in particular attorney general Jeff Sessions, will see his actions differently.

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