Justin Trudeau gave them a standing invitation and his constituents will have to deal with them.

Via Daily Mail:

Since the start of the New Year, 69 people have applied for refugee status in Canada after illegally crossing into the country from the U.S.

The majority of these crossings have happened near Emerson, Canada – which shares a border with North Dakota and Minnesota – and the neighboring towns of Hemmingford and Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle in Quebec, on the New York border.

Some come with children, others with frostbite wounds sustained on the journey through snow-covered fields.

The reason these wanna-be Canadians are crossing into the country illegally is because Canada is part of an agreement that bars refugees that have already arrived in another ‘safe’ country from trying to trade up to another country.

This has put refugees and asylum seekers already in the U.S. in a tough position, since many of them have become fearful about what will happen to them if Trump’s travel ban is reinstated, or he crafts an even tougher executive order.

The only way for these refugees already in the U.S. to gain refugee status in Canada is for them to physically cross the border illegally. In fact, as soon as they arrive in the country, these refugees have been tracking down police officers to arrest them.

While the adults may be briefly handcuffed, they are not detained and instead are taken to a police or border station where they can officially apply as refugees.

But with 28 people crossing into Manitoba alone this weekend, locals are struggling to help these newcomers settle into Canadian life.


Residents in these small towns have been mostly open to the refugees flooding into their hometowns, but the influx was so drastic that in prompted an emergency town meeting in Emerson.

Some are afraid that, as the weather warms, refugees will become come in even larger numbers. ‘I have seen them walking around town, more than a number of times, where I’ve seen five people coming across, walking down the highway, sleeping on the side of the highway,’ Emerson Fire Chief Jeff French told CNN.

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