After turning on his father and beheading him with his own blade.

Nineveh – Islamic State militants threw to death the son of the group’s most famous bladesmith, hours after executing his father, according to a local source.

“Daesh(Islamic State) executed the only son of the group’s most famous bladesmith, the so-called Abu Hamza al-Souri (Syrian),” the source told Alsumaria News.

The young man was thrown down from the rooftop of a high building in western Mosul, according to the source. The reason of his execution is still unknown, but a recent report by Alsumaria News had said IS adopted a similar execution style with men accused of homosexuality, a charge the network said was posed haphazardly.

The source revealed that al-Souri was sentenced to death on Sunday, slaughtered with a sword of his own making. The group accused him of “betraying the caliphate”, as he put it.