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He could have nominated Jesus and they would have protested him. In fact, had he nominated Jesus, they would have protested him more. His religiosity would have been an impediment…

Via Daily Caller:

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse found evidence that liberal protesters at the Supreme Court Tuesday were ready to protest any nominee put forward by President Donald Trump.

Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to be a Supreme Court associate justice.

Sasse found signs that read “Stop,” with Gorsuch’s name written in marker.

“Went to the Supreme Court to talk to the protesters. But it turns out to be a Mad-Lib protest. #Fill-In-The-Blank,” the senator tweeted with a picture reading, “Stop Gorsuch.” The sign, however, only had the word “Stop” printed on it, with “Gorsuch” added after his name was announced in marker.

Sasse then tweeted, “By the way, protestors- Among those who were in the Senate when Gorsuch was last unanimously confirmed: *Obama *Biden *Clinton & *Schumer.”