Anything that gets liberals off of Twitter is a good thing.

Via FreeBeacon:

Democratic operative David Brock wants to charge users for a “Twitter-like” website exclusively for progressives, one of his many ideas to monetize his network of political advocacy and nonprofit groups, internal documents reveal.

For a fee, visitors to Brock’s Shareblue website will gain access to an exclusive knock-off of the popular social network, one “free from conservative trolls and harassment.”

The plan is one of eight revenue-generation ideas pitched to donors at a retreat in Florida over the weekend. Brock assembled wealthy liberals at the conference to plot political strategy in the Trump era and promote four organizations that he founded or currently oversees.

One of those groups is Shareblue, and its mission is not just political: documents from the conference obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show that it is also determined to make money.

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